Monday, May 19, 2008

Vase Arrangement - Update

Below I wrote about the beauty of orange and how excited I am that Baby Bro and SNL painted an accent wall in their family room orange. I mentioned that SNL would probably play with her vase arrangement, since she shares the pottery addiction with me. We love to move vases around and come up with different arrangements. I find our creative differences interesting. She tends to prefer symmetry, and I tend to prefer asymmetry. Sometimes I move her vases around, only to return them to where she had them - she has mastered the art of display. Sometimes it is a collaborative process and even my nephew gets involved. In any event, playing with vase display is a lot of fun!

This is the arrangement we came up with this weekend. Don't these vases just pop against that orange background! Love it! Vases - Ambria vases available at CB2, O vases available at Kenneth Wingard.

1 comment:

casapinka said...

they look wonderful. love the contrast of the white and orange.


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