Thursday, May 29, 2008

So Much Beauty, Vol. II

Me and my camera. We are joined at the hip. Looking through the lens of my 4 megapixel wonder, I have been falling in love. With Cleveland, all over again. Laugh if you will, but Cleveland is a city of unexpected beauty and I intend to prove it. I feel like a perpetual tourist and I love it. I feel compelled to show people what I see.

Every day I make a new discovery, and today was no different. I was astounded to discover this statute in the middle of a busy section of town. I had to pull over, much to the chagrin of the drivers who were driving too fast to get to their destination. I barely heard the obscenities they screamed at me, I was in awe.

Imagine that. A statue of Mohandas Ghandi in our city. Standing beneath this sculpture was nothing short of a spiritual experience. The face was so alive, I literally felt he was looking down at me with love and compassion. How do sculptors do what they do? The pictures do not do it justice.

Our city also boasts a beautiful building designed by the architect Frank Gehry.

Photos of the Peter B. Lewis Building taken by Peggy.

What a remarkable sky. What a remarkable building. I've said it before and I'll say it again - beauty is everywhere I look.


Sas said...

Dear Peggy,

Thank you for sharing this beauty and for taking us along with you on your inspiring daytrip.

Loved it...thank you my friend and have a lovely weekend :)

with love, Sas

Peggy said...

Sas my friend, thank you for visiting and for the kind comment!


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