Saturday, May 31, 2008

Happy Images

I suppose every artist goes through this - I haven't been painting lately. In fact, I haven't painted since February. It's not for lack of ideas, thankfully I am blessed with plenty of creative ideas. It's time and stress. I tend to paint when I am happy. Conversely, painting makes me happy, so when I am stressed I to need to get off my butt!

Today I started painting again. I have my first potential commission. And I am working with primary red. What a thrill it is to work with this powerful color! Right now I am just practicing on mockups so that when I get to the final canvas the project will be completed perfectly.

The joy I feel is tangible. Ideas for paintings are flooding my brain. Here are some happy images that I think will be inspiring my upcoming works. Hope you enjoy them.

My favorite tea cup from Starbucks.

Flower ring and bracelet from Target. SNL bought these to wear to a 70s event! Aren't they cute?

Beads at Target. I think these colors would make a great color scheme for a room. Silver, white, orange and yellow. Groovy.

Veggie bags from flickr user hownowdesign. I love when ordinary objects become art. This would make a great painting, I am not a photorealistic painter, but I do feel very inspired by this image.

Mini canvas painted by my nephew GG. Love the colors! Stay tuned for paintings coming soon!

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