Sunday, March 23, 2008

Mood Board - Thinking of Yellow

I've been thinking of yellow a lot lately. Perhaps it's because I am so ready for Spring. Here's the view from my window today.

Dreary. I'm beginning to wonder if it's ever going to stop snowing - better to think about yellow. I'm still not sure if I'm adding to yellow to my decor, but I love contemplating it. As I stated in a previous post, it was Jessie of My Mod Style who really got me seriously thinking about yellow. No one does it better.

Jessie combines pops of yellow with red and generous amounts of white.

She gives her precious Michelin Man (I want him!) a place of prominence in her living room and makes him really pop by painting a yellow square behind him.

These photos make me think of summer. Every time I look at this home, I think I should add yellow to my decor.
This in my predigital filing system. This is from an old Metropolitan Home, I don't have the date of the edition. The following are from my favorite vintage store.

I love how they combine glass and ceramic. And those yellow pillows really pop against that white vinyl pillow!

Yellow is fun! Selina Lake via Desire to Inspire. I adore that sofa! Looks like it's made from raincoats.

And because your toys should match your decor. School crossing guard from Scary Girl series by Nathan Jurevicius. Formerly available at Fugitive Toys.

Yellow looks great with turquoise. Shootspaces via Desire to Inspire. Love those white floors!

My turquoise vases. I just snuck those in there. :)

I love these paintings (previously posted about here). They look great against the yellow wall.
Yellow looks great with grey as these adorable lamps from Chiasso prove.

I received a catalog from Bliss Living the other day. A very dangerous catalog indeed. You know the kind - it you want to throw out everything and start over. I could totally see a place done in mostly white with a shiny yellow/silver/grey Moroccan feel to it.

If I went with these colors, I would simply have to have Midcenjury Jo's latest piece of art. Isn't this gorgeous! Read about its transformation at Desire to Inspire or her flickr set.

I adore this painting by Lily Martine Baxter. I could redo my home with this painting as the centerpiece! This falls into the "wish-I'd-painted that category." Okay I'm going to sign off for now - I'm going to paint something yellow!

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Jessie said...

Hi Peggy! Good to see that I can still inspire you,....even though I have fallen off the blogger planet. :( Great post. Hope you are well.


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