Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Inspiration, but No Time

Lately I've had no time to paint, and very little time to blog. My heart feels as if it will break if I do not smell paint and canvas soon.

I am fortunate because I never lack for ideas, I have notebooks filled with sketches. Inspiration is not my problem, time is my problem. Or the lack of it. Corporate jobs leave precious little time for life. I dream of a life where I can spend my days painting instead of taking part in madness. Ahh, but this is not to be a diatribe about the American workplace. This is to be a post about inspiration.

I adore paintings. I love seeing what people are compelled to paint. And I adore seeing paintings in piles and in process. Here are some flickr finds, I find comforting. If I close my eyes and concentrate on these images, I can almost smell the paint.

Flickr user ginatolentino. Gina is a very talented artist. Seeing her process is a vicarious pleasure, when I have no time. I can look at her process, and imagine my own. Aren't these marvelous? She even titled the top image, Evolution of a Painting. I am always interested in watching a painting evolve, and my paintings often evolve over time as I wrote about here.

I adore studio shots! Flickr user ATLITW, another very fine artist. How inviting this picture is. This studio makes me want to create, just like a studio should. I dream of moving to a bigger place where I can have my own studio. Perhaps that would give me more time to create if I had space. P.S. - I adore that painted branch! I've been wanting to spray paint branches for a long time.

Flickr user Amber218_18. It is not clear to me if this user is the artist of these works. Whoever the artist is, these are gorgeous. These fall into the category, "wish I'd painted that." I absolutely adore the colors and the organic nature of these paintings.
I hope I can show you some of my own paintings again soon. When I finally get to put brush to canvas I imagine it will be an explosion. That will be a day of joy, time will stand still. Soon, I must make time for this soon. Hopefully this weekend.

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