Saturday, March 15, 2008

Today was a good day......

This is what my living area looked like when I woke up on Saturday. Cute, but too heavy and dark. I do adore the look of these pillows, even if I am guilty of over-pillowfication. My week was stressful, chaotic and accelerated. The week melted as I remembered - I'm going to see my family today! My baby brother, my sister-in-law (aka SNL) and my nephews. I've said it a million times - my nephews are the coolest!

Feel like lightening up. Must clean quickly, like to come home to beauty. I put on the coffee pot and music and sang as I cleaned. All week I've been thinking about yellow. Even made sketches for yellow paintings. But I changed my mind, I am passionately in love with white and I want the place to look light and airy. Orange and pink are running a close tie for second. Spring, your arrival is much anticipated!  I don't want to spend money, so I went to my closet.  I put the dark rug and pillows away.  I pulled a out a few lighter things.  Maybe add some turquoise?

I thought I was going to add yellow, like the objects from a vintage store I wrote about here. But I am still loving orange. Love it with pink. But also love it with blue.

A quick clean (floors not washed - so don't look too closely) left my apartment looking like this. I'll probably change it tomorrow, but it will be pleasant to come home to late tonight.

If I owned this place I would paint the floor white, I would love to feel like I am living on a cloud. I know the rug is too small, but I'm thinking of piecing a few of these together. A large one is totally out of the budget, and I need to be able to throw them in the washing machine. Finding that vinyl pillow in the closet was like a new discovery. It's totally cool.

It will be pleasant sleeping in tomorrow. I love contemplating the shapes and forms of the vases while lying in bed.  I packed my bag. Think it will be Alanis making the trip with me. Moby went last time.

Doesn't my new Julie West pin look cute on my bag? This is now my weekend bag - it's too casual for my new job. There's a pocket my camera fits in perfectly.

I have gifts for my nephews! Just tokens, but it's been a long time since I could afford gifts.

GP loves jazz! I was so excited to find this Billy Holiday double album set at Half Price Books. GP has a really cute record player.

SNL said she got it at Target for $30.00. I love it! It has built in speakers and sounds exactly the way a teenager's record player should! I can't wait to share some of my favorites with him. I explained to GP that somethings are meant to be played on vinyl. Ms. Holiday is one of them. The vinyl adds to the raw ambiance of an art form being created. Of course, I was merely reminding him of something he already knew intuitively.

SNL and I had some quality girl-time together. We went to Pier 1. Even though I am mad at them for discontinuing their online store, it was like heaven to be in Pier 1, I hadn't been there in so long. SNL and I agreed that I could not live without this bowl:

A couple years ago I sold a large Italian bowl, and it is one of the only sales I regret. This bowl eases that sting. I was really trying not to spend money - but - I mean look at it. It's totally gorgeous, and totally my style. Not bad at $18.00. And SNL said she was buying dinner! Here's what I resisted: martini glasses, a flowered cup. Rubber duckies in various colors that lit up - man that was a tough one, I feel noble. Fabric placemats, and gorgeous embroidered pillows that reminded me of Kim. This one, in particular, tempted me greatly.

While waiting for our food, I communed with a fish and the Buddha. I felt ashamed that I am not a vegetarian. Hey, every one's got some hypocrisy, right?

Had a great time with my nephews. They are a never-ending source of joy and inspiration. And they are animal lovers too! What could be better? My baby brother's family have the sweetest cat in the world, a hedgehog, a gerbil, a tree toad, a turtle and fish, if I am remembering correctly! Recently they rescued baby raccoons and gave them to a reserve who trains saved animals to go back into the wild. This is the kind of people they are.

A baby ferret recently joined their family. He is too entertaining! You don't need TV with a ferret around. He tried to fit his entire body in my shoe and tried to drag it away. Hilarious!

Yep. It was a good day.

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kim. said...

I just love your stories, especially about de-cluttering. Inspiring. And even a mention of moi! :) That made me smile, as did the adorable ferret in your shoe.


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