Sunday, March 23, 2008

Mood Board - White on White

Robert Rauschenberg, White Painting, 1951, at the Guggenheim.

The blurb at the Guggenheim is utterly fascinating, no need for me to repeat it here, check it out if you have a minute. This work created a near scandal in 1951. The color white is so mystical, today it still invokes powerful debate on the design blogs I visit. Perhaps the reason is as the Guggenheim states when speaking of Rauschenberg's painting. "[The work is] ascendant . . . [its] uninflected all-white surfaces eliminated gesture and denied all possibility of narrative or external reference." Groovy.

I just know I dig it and I've always wanted to experiment white paintings on white walls with white floors. Not as easy to accomplish as it may seem. The restraint and the precision can be excruciating. When I experiment, I never reach my impossible standard, so I've learned to live with imperfection.  Here are some white on white images that I find fascinating.

Love the texture of this piece. I apologize - but if anyone knows the artist, please contact me. I can't quite make out the signature.
Kanye West's apartment featured on Interior Design. His place really rocks, see my previous post, here. I almost fainted when I saw this dining area. I adore the white painting with the lights behind it. I would love to experiment with making such a piece.

Untouched, uncropped photo by Peggy, for some reason I like the rawness of this image. White martini glasses from Pier 1. Hindu print enlarged from a vintage book. Mental note: things to procrastinate about - finish painting apartment.

White vases from Bliss Living.  Stay tuned. I'm working on all white piece that is demanding. My goal is to do a little each night after work this week, to help focus my mind. I hope to unravel the work next weekend.

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