Sunday, March 23, 2008

Green on White

As I wrote about ugly vases below I thought,"On no! Kim and Jo at Desire to Inspire are starting to rub off on me!"

I swear - I am never getting a peacock chair! And I admit it, I'm glad I got rid of all my college-dorm-ruined-hand-me-down wicker furniture.

But. A poster of Al Green in a peacock chair. Now, that would be groovy.

I mean look at him. He is the coolest. Image Lost in Tyme via Desire to Inspire. I think he fits my current vibe. And girls, don't listen to this record. It'll ruin you. Mortal man will never be good enough again.


kim. said...

I LOVE my peacock chair! You're missing out. :P

Anonymous said...

Tl lange was recorded on dvd showing his creative process before his death. Do you have this? my email is if I find this ill let you know where I found it since you love his work too.

Anonymous said...

He looks great! I love that photo.

Anonymous said...

I had googled T.L. Lange last night and came across someones post that TL Lange was recorded on DVD showing his creative process before his death. If you do have a copy of this, I would certainly love to see it as well. I would be happy to pay for any cost in reproducing it or sending it. Please just let me know.


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