Thursday, March 20, 2008

Like Falling in Love

All images in this post by Sas. (Blog link here, flickr link, here).

If you haven't checked out Sas' blog yet, now is the time. She's given it a new name! Daily Inspiration. And what an appropriate name. It is daily inspiration for me.

Sas has a golden touch. The camera produces incredibly soft, sensuous images under Sas' touch. Ordinary objects become sensual, dancing works of art under Sas' gaze, as she tenderly invites you to see what she sees.

A light bulb,

can of sardines,

even safety pins. No one uses glow effect better, and no one photographs flowers better.

She romances everything. She invites you into her home, where the warmth is palpable. And she gently reminds you - pause, slow down, look at the beauty which is omnipresent.

I adore blogs and read many. I am especially obsessed with blogs about decor. But, it's the personal ones - the ones where people courageously let you peak into their private world - the ones where people generously put a piece of their soul out there - that I enjoy the most. Sharing yourself in this way can be frightening. You risk intense criticism. Sometimes the criticism comes in the way of support and makes what you do better.

Sometimes the criticism hurts. Many creative people have found the blogging experience rewarding, as I have. Sounds corny, but blogging has given me voice and I have connected with like-minded people and am being understood and supported for the first time in my life, by people from all of the world.

If I am not mistaken, Sas is going through an similar experience. It feels like she is my sister. I hope I am not being presumptions. We can never really presume to know the inner workings of an artist who thinks and feels so deeply. We can only perceive.

In school I read a great many biographies and when I discovered Victorian diaries, I fell in love. I much preferred the beautifully cataloged mundane worlds that a thoughtful lady cataloged, than a civil war hereo. What did she eat that day? What was the weather like? D id she take a walk and smell flowers? Is she yearning for her lover? Could she have possibly known that 50-100 years later, someone would take rapt interest in her day-to-day world? Bloggers have given me that richness back.

Sas is akin to the heroines of the dairy. I marveled the other night when she shared the sky. I marveled that half-way around the world, a woman was looking at this sky, holding her dog and reading and that I felt like I knew her.

Here is someone who would not think it odd that I read Rumi. I adore her thoughts over the delightful teas she brews.

I often feel overwhelmed by life. It's too loud, too fast, too chaotic and painful. A mean word cuts to the core. The only way I survive is constantly reminding my mind to be silent, but my mind is tenacious. I only relax when I return to my apartment and my creativity. I used to read Sas' blog at the beginning of my day. Now, I read it at the end of my day, as part of my routine into relaxation and rest.

Sas, thank you for being a Daily Inspiration! xxoo


Sas said...

Dear Peggy,

Thank you for your warm and open post, I loved it. It really moved me and gave me a lovely warm feeling :)

Thank you also for your encouraging words and the fact you dare to talk so beautifully and open hearted about your thoughts and feelings. I admire that in a person.

Big hug to you and take care :)

love Sas

vk said...

Dear Peggy,

This is my first time on your blog, honestly to read about Sas, this time : )). Very heartfelt words …it felt almost like I was reading my mind. I can understand how you feel about her photos and blog… it is indeed “Like Falling in Love” : ). I stumbled upon Sas’s blog when I was badly in need of something to make me believe in life again. Her daily posts pepped up my mornings. I am blessed to “know” her. She is such an influence that I use her double smileys often : )).
She is very much a part of my life now… just like my morning cup of coffee… warm and supportive. ..a friend I can smile with and relax with.
Thanks for the lovely post Peggy, and Sas for being who you are…

hildA said...

Hi Peggy,

I can't remember how I 'met' Sas, but I think it was on Flickr. Since then she became - as you state it - a daily moment of pause, relaxation and warmth. I see her as a very peaceful, gentle, kind hearted and sweet person. I'm happy I found her.

Your post on her is very moving, I just can't put it into words the way you do. Thank you.


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