Sunday, March 23, 2008

When Sears Gives You Shit .... Make Art

I was about to write a boring, angry diatribe about Sears. Truth is, you don't feel like hearing it and neither do I. I don't know how I missed the Ty Pennington vases at Sears! Don't bother clicking. They are out, and like I said, I had a bad experience. Apparently the collection was popular, and I'm glad about that. They are beautiful. The one in the middle is my favorite. I haven't been to Sears since I was a kid, and it was these vases that drew me back.

When I got to Sears (40 miles round trip at $3.25 per gallon), all they had left was the large one. I bought it. The sales clerk threw it in a bag on the counter, literally. (This was only one example of the poor service I received, as I said I'm not writing about it.) I gasped! She handed me the bag, did not offer to wrap it. My heart ached at the indifference shown to this thing of beauty. I checked the vase, yep. Cracked. I stood there and wrapped it myself, lovingly. It was the last one, and it's an orphan. It's coming home with me.

By the time I got it home, it really was broken. Oh and BTW - the candle I bought was shit too. I pulled out the super glue.

It was not to be. The glue was stuck to pens, and stuck shut. Maybe this is cosmic. Maybe the vase found its neck suffocating and it can breathe easier now. Maybe I can make art out of this.

If you will notice in the top frame, the poor thing never even got its tag off. Oh well, it's art now. So I photographed this installation and then dismantled it. Cool. Always wanted to do that. Sleeve inspired by image from Muci Muci (see previous post.) I have been attempting to embrace imperfection lately. Maybe I'll just go with what the vase chose to become. I found an ugly brown vase in the laundry room and decided to play with it. Probably won't keep it. But I was on a roll and having fun.
Hmm. You could probably have an entire collection of ugly, orphan and broken vases.

I have not revealed the sources in order to protect the innocent (although these vases have all appeared on this blog at one point). I don't want to offend, but these are some ugly vases. But for some reason they are so ugly, they are cute. Thanks, Sears, for being so inspirational, but I won't be back.

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kim. said...

What a shitty experience! Your poor vase. I kind of like your ugly and broken vase installation.


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