Thursday, August 18, 2011

Creative Display

So you've got a great collection of vases.  That's only half the battle.  Now you need a way to display them beautifully and simply.  Display is an art form.  The best solutions for display are pieces that can multi-task.

I love credenzas, and think they look great with pottery lined up on them.  This is a cool idea, put two dressers side by side and they look like a credenza.  This is a great solution for storage, and can be used in any room in the house.  Dressers are not just for bedrooms.  You can store your remotes, chargers, candles, placemats, napkins, paper, pens, etc.  Also, notice how this vignette is styled asymmetrically.  I think asymmetrical display is much for interesting than symmetrical display.  Image via sfgirlbybay.
Beautiful simple shelving.  Love the table as well.  Mark Tuckey via The Travel Files.  Incidentally, The Travel Files is a wonderful new blog written by Danielle, the writer of one of my favorite blogs, The Style Files.  I will be adding it to my link list.
I'm not usually one for groupings of pictures, I think they can appear cluttered.  I tend to prefer one large piece of art.  However, this grouping is compelling.  It works because the pictures are uniform in size and of a common theme.  I love the negative space of the flower.  Makes me want to paint on swatches of vintage wallpaper.
 Another uniform display.  Love the blocks displaying tea pots.
I've always wanted to do a room with lighted recesses in the wall.  Above three images David Mitchell via Desire to Inspire.
I also love the idea of an open area in the wall.  The glass shelves make it so airy.  It would be wonderful to watch the changes in the light throughout the day in this room.  Love the simple shapes of the vessels.  Rene's White-Washed, Art-Filled Renovation via Apartment Therapy.  I love Rene's style.  She's a fab artist too, I need to do a post about her.
This is a really fab bookcase.  Looks like it was designed specifically for the pottery.  Karl Anderson via Desire to Inspire.
Here's an easy DIY project for all those peach crates you have piled in the garage.  Ikea PS Bintje by Francis Cayouette via Icon Eye.  To see more bookcases similar to this one, see my previous post, here.  I'm thinking of making one of these.
These stacking cubes are pretty cute, love the color.  I could see them used to store toys in a child's room.  Or they might be fun mounted on the wall.  Image via Zainido Decor.

I love the floating boxes in this place.  And, of course, the white floors!  Image via Sidsel Z.

Here it is!  My fantasy studio!  Love the floating boxes.  Image via vtwonen.

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