Monday, August 22, 2011

A cute tray

I love blogging, and I love hearing from my readers.  It makes my day when someone asks for my design advice.  Recently, a blogger friend asked me if I thought the color scheme of orange, hot pink, turquoise and black could work in a bathroom.  To which I replied, "Of course."  Here's the truth - any colors you want to work together will.  There's no such thing as colors that don't go together. Just look at nature, it's a cornucopia of colors.

I bought this cute tray at Target, and it perfectly illustrates the point.  This would look darling in a bathroom.  Trays are a great way to corral clutter.  I could see it holding a bunch of beautiful perfume bottles.  The bottles should be clear so they don't obstruct the pretty pattern.  Or I could see it hanging on a wall.
Here it is in my kitchen.  Isn't that the ugliest counter you've ever seen?  Rentals.  I'd rip that sucker out if I owned this place.  Back to the cute new tray.  I was surprised to see that I now have a collection of trays.  How did that happen?


Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

Ew, that counter IS ugly! But the tiles aren't bad!

Love the tray. We were just talking about what I'm going to do in Kelly's room today. I talked her into letting me make all the decisions and she shouldn't look--she'll have to sleep in another room for a week or two--and then I'll do the big reveal. And I have to somehow incorporate some horsey things into it. THAT will be a challenge with the color scheme we're doing but I have some ideas...

Peggy said...

Yes, I don't know what some landlords are thinking with the decisions they make. I also have the world's ugliest tile in the kitchen and bathroom. And I thought the kitchen I once had with blue counters was ugly.

That sounds like so much fun with Kelly's room. I always wanted to do a teen girl's room. Are you going to go very colorful and girly? Or is it a secret? I'll have to look for some inspiration photos.

belledame said...

the black isn't one of my faves, but the other four colors are. they would definitely make a great color scheme.

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

I was going to say you should have seen the kitchen I had one time that had pink counters. But then I remembered, this is Peggy! You love pink! Actually, I'd like it now myself. But this was in the early nineties and it was a throw-back to the mauve and light blue look people were doing at the time. Brass fixtures, the whole bit. Ew! Nowadays I'd like it. Not the brass fixtures.

Well, I got an old dresser at a flea market the other day. Nice carving on the front. I'm going to repaint it black. I'm planning to use that brocade pattern--that's what I think it's called--that's really popular nowadays. Even though I don't like trends, Kelly is a kid and she does--you know, wants to be like the other girls. So I'm going to incorporate that along with black and white pony print and a shag rug (we're in the flooring business so that part will be easy). Still debating on the colors. Swaying towards pink, black and white and skipping the other colors because Kelly has so much junk--it'll be too busy. I want it to look put together, if you know what I mean. Could be a while at the rate it's taking this house to sell.


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