Saturday, August 6, 2011

Color Scheme: Pink, Black, White, Gray and Yellow

You've heard the rule before - don't match your art to your decor.  This is one rule I usually break.  Art can stand alone, afterall it's art!  There's only one rule.  That you love it!  My apartment is my color lab, and in my experiments I often do the opposite of matching the art to decor.  That is, I often design a room around the art.   The above painting is one I executed recently (and described below).  A new painting will often inspire me to experiment with moving things around in my apartment.   Oops!  I only noticed the red peaking out on the sofa just now.  Styling is a lot harder than it looks.  I've already dismantled the room, and I'm too lazy to recreate it at the moment.
This version of my apartment only lasted a day.  I already have my next version planned and it is going to center around art.  I adore this color scheme:  pink, black, white, gray and  yellow.  I may take this scheme to the extreme when I move to a new apartment.  I'd love to paint the walls a beautiful dove gray and to add silvery accents.
Asian pops fit in almost any decor.  I know you are wondering where I got that fab pink vase.  I'm always on the look out for pink vases, but they are hard to find in modern shapes.  I really love this one.  It was only $5.00 from Etsy shop owner The Bed Post 02.
I love the simplicity of this lamp, but that shade is all wrong.
I'd love to have a tall, oversized vertical shade.  This one would work well.  I'd probably have to have it custom made.  Oh well, one more thing to procrastinate about.  Image via Kay Loves Vintage.

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