Saturday, August 6, 2011

Garage Sale Saturday

Funny thing about stuff.  I just got rid of a bunch of stuff.  Whenever I get rid of stuff, more comes to fill the void.  Oh well, that helps with keeping the clutter of collecting down, keeping the stuff in movement.  Today I went to the most fab garage sale.  I wasn't expecting to buy anything, and well, see what happened.
$14.50 for all this loot!  I've been needing an end table in my bedroom.  This one was $7.00 and I kinda love it.  The metallic vase was $3.00, I'm excited about it because I want to add silver and metallics to my decor this fall.  Swan soap dish was only 50 cents.  I've been wanting one for a long time.  Two little vintage bottles were $2.00 each.
Here's what I didn't buy, but I did hem and haw over it.  It was only $3, and I'm sure I could've talked the lady down.  It's actually ceramic, if it had been wood it would have been a no brainer.  She explained to me that it was a serving piece, the holes were to hold toothpicks of fruit or cheese.  I probably would use it as an incense burner.  I think it would be cute in an organic, rustic place and thought about buying it as a gift for my friend Haley's loft.  What do you think, dear readers, does it look like a knock off of an Indonesian design?  What did you do today?  I hope you are enjoying your weekend!  xxoo

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