Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weekend Art Projects

I was very creative this weekend.  Lately ideas are flooding me.  The art I am making has inspired me to change my living room again, which I hope to show you tomorrow.  Here are some of the projects I worked on this weekend.

This is a cut paper work I made.  It's definitely influenced by Marnie Gilder, who I wrote about below.  I love working with organic shapes.  I may be doing more of these because I might be developing an allergy to my first love - acrylic.  One thing is for sure, I must create - with or without acrylic.  Turns out the craft store has a ton of these beautiful papers, and there is always plenty of junk mail and wrappers that just go to waste.  It's hard to tell from the photo, but the dark pink has a wonderful texture to it.
The piece is approximately 16" x 20".  Here it is in my little reading corner in the kitchen.

I'm always experimenting with ways to display my toy collection.  Here is my Vinylmation collection hanging above my desk.  I didn't really like this display, so I dismantled it.  I worry that my home gets a little too witty.  I love my toy collection, but I haven't figured out a way to display them without the place looking cluttered.  I like things very simple.  I dream of having an office one day and having them displayed there.

I always have this urge to change things.  I am especially drawn to deconstruction.  I decided to turn a couple of cheap lamps I had into vases.

Of course, I played around with placement of the new vases, and my new garage sale vase.  I don't have an adequate bookcase for my vase collection right now, so my Parsons table is standing in.  That's okay, I think the Parsons table is one of the most beautiful designs of all time.  Notice the mirror tiles, I decided to take down the curtains I had hung to hide the mirrors (to see curtains, click here).  They weren't long enough and the sloppy execution bothered me.  I don't really like the mirror tiles, but I am kinda digging the silver vase and its reflection.
On another table, I put a bunch of light bulbs in one of my art glass pieces.  I don't know why.  They seemed to fit.  I love the look of ordinary objects displayed as art, and I want more of an industrial chic vibe.

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