Saturday, August 13, 2011

Romantic Neutrals

Funny thing about neutrals.  They're really growing on me.  I've been seeing tons of romantic, organic, industrial, neutral rooms.  As you know, I love a neutral scheme with white floors. I'm so addicted to color, I can't imagine that I would ever go totally neutral, but these rooms are intriguing.  Here are a few of the keys to a successful neutral room:  organic objects; tons of textures; a mix of materials like glass, concrete, steel, wood; large amounts of white.  I also adore pops of silver, gray and even lavender in a neutral scheme.   Here are some great examples.  Hope you enjoy!

Above two images Annaleenas Hem.  Love the light fixture.
Peter Margonelli.  A neutral room can be very mysterious.
 Love the black chairs, the white table and floors.  Image source unknown.

 I love black, white and gray with pops of lavender.  I also love the pop of silver from the disco ball, and the Euro Saarinen coffee table (probably my favorite table of all time).  This room is just the right mix of rustic and shiny.  Above three images Agent Bauer.
Love the gray walls with the white mantel.  Love the collection of gray pottery.  Image Amanda McLauchlan.

Neutrals can be cozy.  Love the mix of materials here.  Amenity Home.
Love the rustic floors, white sofa and industrial light!  Image Andrea Ferrari.

Here is a trend that's been around for a while, but doesn't show any signs of slowing down.  Nor should it.  The black accent wall.  It's incredibly chic.  I adore this beautiful bedroom.  It's slick, romantic, sophisticated.  I love the combination of wood with clean lines, pretty bedding and retro lighting.  A stunning achievement.  Image via the boo and the boy.
Reader's home at Desire to Inspire.  Love the pale gray and white.
Love the bed in the alcove.  By keeping the walls, bedding and drapery white the look is airy.  Also aiding in keeping the room airy is the fact the curtains are hung low, letting in the natural light.  I think this would be a wonderful place to rest during a gentle rain storm.  Image source unknown.
Love a pop of color from artwork in an otherwise neutral scheme!  Image via Retro Villa.
Here's a look you know I love.  A pop of pink - provided by the chair - in an otherwise neutral scheme.  Proving, once again, that pink is not just a girly color and can be used in a thoroughly modern way.
Swoon.  Love these acrylic chairs!  A successful neutral scheme incorporates lots of different materials.  A neutral room can easily be too dark. Using acrylic or glass is a smart way to keep a room airy.  Above two images Roger Davies.
Love the painting.  Love the pottery. Simple shapes work well in a neutral scheme.
Love the pottery, the furry pillow and that funky lamp!  The skull art, well not so much.  Above two images Studio KO.
How cool is this kitchen!  Love the black walls and the white counters and cabinetry.  Looks so clean and modern.  Not usually a fan of the cuckoo clock, but spray painted white, it pops against the black walls.  (Hint to a great reader who wants to incorporate rustic and cowboy elements in a modern scheme - make an art installation.  Spray paint unusual elements white and float them on a colorful wall for a pop.  Remember to go big!)  Image via Lovenordic Design Blog.
I love the shape of these Moroccan-inspired hanging lamps!  It's a great idea to use a glass table in a neutral space.  It takes up little visual weight.  And notice how this table doesn't have stuff piled on it, this shows off the beautiful wood floor.  Image via VoK Design Group.
Industrial kitchen.  Rustic dining set.  Fab.  Image via vtwonen.
This beautiful, cozy room works because of the variety of textures (I hope the bedspread is faux).  Image via Design Crisis.  What about you, dear readers?  See any ideas you'd like to incorporate in your home this Fall?  I don't imagine I will ever quit using color, but there are some ideas here that I'm going to use.


Julia @ thebooandtheboy said...

Thanks for featuring my bedroom Peggy! And what a fabulous collection of images. Both Kim and I are really steering towards neutrals these days. I can't get enough of the black accent wall. My bedroom was the test and now I want more black walls BADLY. LOL!

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

I want a black wall too! I'm actually thinking of all four walls. A warm black.

That bedroom with the "alcove" is exactly like the third bedroom in the house we'd like to buy up north. You can only stand up in the middle of it. I like how they have the bed centered.

I'm thinking about the cuckoo clock idea. I like my decor but it's starting to look dated. I don't want to be one of those older women who finds a style and then never changes. Like the women my mother's age who are still using forest green. You get my drift.


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