Saturday, August 6, 2011

My OCD, Part II

I'd like to have a job doing window display, although I know it's not as easy as it looks.  It's just that I love to change things around.  My apartment is my color lab.  Often a new painting will inspire a new look.  Since I have no budget to spend on my apartment, I change the look with stuff I already have in my closet.  I'll change the pillows, the sheets on the couch or the vase arrangement.  It's fun!  Here are some recent incarnations of my living room.  To see version 1-8, click here.

Loving lots of color.
Adding black pops.
 An experiment that failed.
Love the pop of yellow, but the vase arrangement is all wrong.  Decided to put my Dee Adams painting asymmetrically on the wall.  Centering a painting over the sofa seemed too predictable.

See next post for the thinking behind this last version.

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