Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend Art Projects, II

Remember the Piet Mondrian-inspired painting I did last week?

I really love the way it turned out.  But, let me tell you, it was tedious executing this painting.  At times, painting is an exercise in frustrated perfectionism for me.  I am not gifted with a steady hand.  Still, I knew I wanted to attempt more of these paintings.  I wanted a tryptich for my living room. 

When working on a geometric painting, it takes a lot of patience.  And a lot of tape.  The key is to be patient and let the paint dry before peeling the tape.
I found these little sponge tools at the craft store.  I really love them because they give a nice smooth line.  No matter how careful I am, I still need to take a small brush and touch up some of the edges.

Here are all three of paintings.  I don't really like the one to the left.  Maybe I need to add some pink to it.  The first one is still my favorite.  I'm not sure if I'm going to put one or all of these paintings above my sofa.  My next version of my living room seems to turning out to be sleek and modern.  Now for my Rauschenberg and Rothko experiments.  And maybe Miro.... Stay tuned....


Gail said...

Dropping by from Greener Pastures.

I love your art and the many changes of one room. That is very creative.

I am in the midst of a complete house turn over and have moved the furniture from room to room, repeatedly.

Lamps and tables are my weakness. I can rarely part with any! I am trying to thin but....

I enjoyed my visit.

Peggy said...

Hi Gail! Thanks for visiting, I hope you will visit often.

I've been there with moving furniture around - in my last apartment I constantly changed rooms. In this apartment I haven't really been moving the furniture too much, just the accessories. Amazing how changing just the accessories creates a whole new room.

Lamps are one of my weaknesses too. And pottery.... :)

The Artist In Me said...

Another perfectionist when it comes to painting! I love it though! I blogged about this in my last post. It can be frustrating, but extremely rewarding when the finished product is done!

Love these pieces!


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