Monday, August 15, 2011

Just a little more.....

Yes.  It's an obsession.  Romantic neutrals.  Lots of white, with gray.  Industrial with Moroccan inspired accessories.  Low scale, simple yet beautiful rooms.  I can't get enough.

How gorgeous is this modern room?  Cool and sleek, with just the right amount of warmth from the Moroccan-inspired candlesticks and the hanging lanterns.  Also love the low scale of the sofa and table.   Image Cor via sofablog.  Incidentally, I highly recommend sofablog.  It's a wonderful German blog. I love its unique perspective, and I always find it inspirational.  I'm adding sofablog to my link list.  Seems to be a lot of cool art coming out of Germany these days.  I'd like to travel to Berlin.
I know this room is highly stylized, but I can't get over the colors.  Love the soft dove gray of the sofa, table and rug.  Does anyone know who designed this fab sofa?  Jaime Hayon maybe?  I adore the table too and would love to know its designer.  Patricia Urquiola maybe?  That brushed aluminum bowl is cool too.  The room is feminine, soft, airy, simple with just the right amount of edge.  A fine accomplishment.  Here's a couple more from the same stylist.
Every room should have a pop of pink.
And a funky lamp.  Above three images photographed by Lo Bjurulf.  Image via  Agent Bauer.
I need that display case for my pottery.  I also need that little silver table.  Image Ikea Sweden (I think, please correct me if I am wrong).


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