Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Coolest Barbie Ever

OMG have you seen the new tokidoki Barbie?  She's due out October 1.  You already know I love me some tokidoki (see previous posts here).  I think this is the coolest Barbie I've ever seen.  She's sporting pink hair, tokidoki tatts, leggings and taking Bastardino for a walk.  Supplies of this babe won't last.

I collected Barbies when I was a girl, but I gave my collection away when I was a teenager.  I'm beginning to question that decision.  No matter.  Today's Barbies are way cooler than mine were.  Have you seen the Hard Rock's Barbies?  I photographed the top two Barbies in Chicago and the bottom one in Seattle.  Sorry for the poor quality of the pics, I had to do it on the down low.  The sales personnel got mad at me and chased me out of the store.  Man I love photojournalism.
Today's Barbie has the coolest furniture!  Sometimes I see a photo of a Barbie room and think it's a real room.  Just look at that hot pink lamp, turquoise sofa and soft orange silk pillows.  I want those for my own home.  I never had furniture like that, I just had the Barbie camper.  Although I must admit, it was the coolest.  I'd love to have a life size version of it to travel the country.


belledame said...

can i say how loud i screamed last year when i discovered the cyndi lauper barbie and the debbie harry barbie at toys 'r us? plus the black barbie from like 1980 that my cousin and i each had? i should post those on my flickr.

Peggy said...

Yes, please post them! I'd love to see them!


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