Sunday, August 28, 2011

Glass Bubble Project

Since attending The Art of Artisans at Wall Eye Gallery, I'm on a mission to discover local artisans.  I've driven by The Glass Bubble Project many times - and have heard great things about the owner - but never gone in.  Well, I finally went in the other day and I'm glad I did.

The guys were awesome, they gave me a warm welcome and we had a great time chatting.  Artists are my peeps.  We talked about everything from the desire for a simpler life, the evolution of neighborhoods to the soul-killing life of corporate America.  You can say anything to an artist and they won't think you are weird.  

When it comes to decorating your place, you already know that lighting is the most important feature.  If you have great lighting, you don't need knick-knacks.  I'm embracing hand made works more and more.  The Glass Bubble Project is a great place to buy a unique light.  They have a ton of upcycled/recycled/found art.  And they have glass blowing classes!  You can even make your own lamp.  How cool is that?
I'm a sucker for found art sculpture.  Of course, I had to bore the guys by telling them all about my recent trip to Seattle.  They were so patient with me. 

 I think I need these.
As I've mentioned before, I need Antonio Ballatore to HGTV my home.  We should definitely  buy some cool lighting here.  Maybe have some custom pink pieces made.  Antonio would totally get my desire for a hot pink neon sculpture.

Look at their fab door!  I'd love to have a prefab house with a garage door like this.  It would be cool to have the entire side of the house opened to the outdoors.  This proves that inspiration is everywhere!  I may be taking glass blowing class in October.  If you're in the neighborhood, stop by, buy a lamp and send me a pic of it in your place and I'll feature you here. 

Images by Peggy

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