Friday, August 19, 2011

Doin' what I do, part two

My apartment is my lab.  It's where I experiment with color and texture.  When I experiment with decor, I feel like I am setting up an installation piece.  Lately I've been conducting experiments in how far I can reduce objects.  One of my best friends said I am the opposite of a hoarder, in that I am constantly trying to simplify.  I liked that.  It is tricky, however, because I do love beautiful things.  But I also love open space.

I can't stop thinking about the freshness of the aqua and silver in the rooms I featured below.  I have a few things in my closet, so experimenting is as easy as looking at what I have and trying to do something new with it.  As you know, lamps are an obsession for me.  Like pottery.  With the last incarnation of my apartment, I find I am not happy with my moon lamp.  I love the purity of the shape, but I don't love its scale.  I want something with an intentionally over-scaled shade like the one in this beautiful room designed by Marie Burgos.  I am currently consulting with an artisan on Etsy regarding having a custom shade made (more on this later).  In the meantime, I wonder if I could make a shade.  As you know, I'm not a very good DIYer.  I get lots of ideas, but execution is a problem.  It's okay, though, because my lack of skill is teaching me a good lesson in letting go of perfectionism.

So I went to my closet and pulled some stuff out.  I love fabrics, and particularly love the gossamer quality of these curtains.  The blue curtain is a lovely ombre and has a particularly nice sheen to it.  Maybe I could wrap it around a lamp shade. 

Voila.  I just tied the curtain in place.  No sewing, ironing or glue.  The shade is too small, but for this experiment it's okay.  It lets me know that I want my over sized shade to be done in a beautiful silvery blue fabric.
The fabric casts the most beautiful blue reflection on the base of the lamp at night.  I tried to photograph it, but couldn't capture it.  Man, I wish I could paint my apartment white.  I'd paint everything if I could.  The walls, doors, floors and trim in white.  I would need about 64 gallons of paint and a whole lot more energy.

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