Monday, August 15, 2011

Found objects and an awkward outdoor space

I found this painted board and industrial spindle in the basement of my home.  My landlord said I could have them, he was just going to throw them away.  So, I dragged these heavy bitches up three flights of stairs.  Not sure what I'm going to do with them.  Sometimes as an artist, I have a tendency to be a pack rat.  Because I'm in love with simplicity, I try to fight this urge.  Things are constantly in flux.  Maybe that's how things are supposed to be.  Dynamic.  Sorry, I digress. 
Here they are in my strange alcove with the mirror tiles that I hate.  I thought I'd play with a little styling.
Another attempt at styling.  I think my vase filled with light bulbs kinda fits here.  I worry that I'm regressing to dorm style decor.  'Course I never lived in a dorm styled place since I put myself through college while working full time.  So maybe it's okay to digress.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with these.
Here they are on my deck.  The deck was part of the reason that I fell in love with this place.  But I haven't done anything with it.  Unfortunately, the crazy ecology prof at CSU was correct when he taught us about global warming 20 years ago.  It's been too hot to use the deck, and there is no privacy.  I was kinda thrilled that the green board provides a little bit of privacy from the neighbors.  They're messy and loud and let their toddlers play with the lawn mower.  Beer cans everywhere.  Hope they are not reading this, but I'm not lying!

Dear readers, do you have any suggestions for the spindle?  I'm thinking I might stencil some butterflies on it, or maybe graffiti.  Maybe do a modge podge or cover it in wall paper.  A flocked damask might make a great foil to its testosterone.  If I'm keeping them outside, though, it needs to be durable, I guess, although weathering can be kinda cool.
Remember these lanterns that I wrote about here?  I should've ordered these lanterns when they were still available from Z Gallerie.  I think they would look great in this space. 
Speaking of stenciled butterflies, how fab is this upcycled sofa from artist Kiran Chahal?  (I wrote about her oganic art below.)  I think it would look great in the space.  Good thing I'm winning the lottery tomorrow.


belledame said...

don't give up on those lanterns. there's always ebay. search zgallerie and anthropologie. they had something similar out couple years back.

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

Paint that thing pink.

Goats love them. You don't have a goat, do you?

Peggy said...

Yep. It might get the pink treatment. Still thinking about some kind of stencil. Or maybe silver leaf - if I only knew how to silver leaf.

No goats, and I live in a third floor attic apartment so I don't think the critters will bother it. Oh - except for maybe the birds. Hasn't been pooped on yet. Keeping my fingers crossed.


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