Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Outdoor Spaces

I admit it.  I haven't been motivated to do anything with my deck (one of the reasons I got this apartment).  Nothing.  Nada. Zilch.  I haven't even put a plant out there.  The poor thing is pathetic.  So today I did a little day dreaming, perusing the web for some inspiration.  First were the lovely fantasies that are only dreams.  It's fun to dream.

My favorite.  Love the white floor, love the built-ins.  My deck doesn't have a roof, or any protection from the sun.  What an elegant solution this is.  And this may surprise you - but I love the colors, lol.  What a lovely dream.  Image via Living Etc.

Another gorgeous fantasy.  Image via Domino.

I adore this zen garden.  I love the idea of a home where the outdoor and indoor merge.  Not sure where I got this image, probably Apartment Therapy.  Okay, now to get my head out of the clouds and look at some sensible solutions.
Below I mentioned that I love pallet coffee tables.  Here's a clever solution for outdoor furniture!  A pallet bed/bench.  Great idea.  Image Michael's Outdoor Banquette via Apartment Therapy.  Now in Ohio it's pretty hard to grow outdoor plants.  It's always either too hot or too cold.  What to do with plants when the weather gets bad?
I love this solution from Victoria of sfgirbybay.  A rolling cart for plants!  When the weather is bad, you can just wheel the plants inside!  I also love the idea of having two shelves so you can keep your watering can and potting supplies handy.  I'm going to watch the curb and garage sales for a bar cart.
Here's another solution, not quite as elegant or as expedient as the cart, which allows you to move just one thing.  Cute, though.  Would look good with the pallet bench, you could go for an industrial, urban vibe.  Designed by Brian Patrick Flynn via HGTV blog.  For now, I'll probably just start with some cute lanterns and the absolutely necessary citronella candles.

I like the shape, color and price of these from Z Gallerie.

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