Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My apartment, the process

Dear readers, posts will be light this week because I am going to Seattle tomorrow!  More about that later.  In preparing for my trip, I gave my apartment a good cleaning and more than ever I've been struck with my desire to live more simply.   As you know, my apartment is my color lab.  Unfortunately, however, I have not been very inspired by this apartment.  I still miss my studio apartment.  Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for it, but I really desire clean and modern.  I'm tired of quirky old buildings.  Here's some of my current processing when it comes to the layout and color of my apartment.

I sometimes get frustrated that I have no space to work on my art.  I decided to turn my bedroom into a studio and move my bed into one of the alcoves in my strange L-shaped living room.  After all, I'm a master at living in a studio apartment and this way I could shut the door on my mess. So I moved my sofa to the alcove near the front of the apartment.

I have a beautiful 50s Danish sofa, and yes it's red.  I love that thing, except for the fabric.  It's a very itchy fabric sort of similar to microfiber (which I hate).  That's why I usually cover it in sheets.  I'd love to have it reupholstered.  It didn't fit in the alcove, and I really don't like furniture on an angle.  That's my new rug from Urban Outfitters.
Here's the corner.  I really hate those mirror tiles on the wall.  If this weren't a rental, I'd rip them down.  I put the bed in the other alcove.  Not sure why I didn't take a picture of it.  Probably was too lazy to make the bed that day.  I really wasn't happy with the layout.  It seemed too crowded, I like a more open space.

I decided to hang curtains over the mirrors.  Big improvement.  I experimented with different colors.  I adore that turquoise pillow.  It's from Burlington Coat Factory and was only $10!  Don't look too closely - the rug is dirty.  I still didn't like this lay out, so I moved everything back.

Here's the view of the alcove from my sofa.  I know the turquoise curtains are not long enough.  I'm not a very good DIYer.  I have loads of ideas, but when it comes to execution, that's a whole other story.  For me, this is great DIY and it's a definite improvement over those mirror tiles. 

I didn't cover the mirrors on the other side of the alcove, which is okay.  I can't see them from my sofa.  I have my paintings piled up there.  That kind of drives me crazy, but I don't have any where else to store them.  I may donate my paintings to charity.  If you'd like to buy a painting, please contact me.  We can arrange a sweet (cheap) deal.  You can see most of my portfolio here.

I'm not happy without hot pink so I changed the sofa's sheets and pillows.  I also really wanted a pop of yellow and orange.  Pillows in my closet did the trick. I hung my favorite Dee Adams painting asymmetrically.  I decided it's too predictable to have a painting centered over the sofa, and I'm tired of my art.  At the moment, I don't have much of my art hanging up, it seems too self-involved.  But I supposed obsessing about my apartment is rather self indulgent as well, lol.  I'm not enamored with these low ceilings and the ugly color of the walls.  If I owned this place, all the walls and floors would be painted white.  I thought I'd test my Urban Outfitters rug in this layout, but it's too small for the space.  I'll probably put it in the bedroom.

The vases in the corner, are wrong.  I need much more of a statement piece.  Maybe this gorgeous yellow glass vase.  At 13 inches tall, it might work.  Vase available at Oneilsarts.  I love the shape of the turquoise lamp, I wish it were about twice this size.
Here's the space with my furry white rug, which I'm happy to report has now been cleaned.  I hope I can find a new vase in Seattle.  I love coming home to a clean place.  What about you dear readers?  Do you spend a lot of time cleaning before a trip?

Here's an added bonus:  Apartment Therapy featured a 500 square foot cottage today that is perfect, I absolutely adore it.  I would love a home like this.  If interested, click here.

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