Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Color Blocking

Dear readers, are you worried that the royal blue you love so much will overwhelm your room?  The solution for that is an accent wall.  I love a dark accent wall in an otherwise light room.  They look especially great with white accessories.  Want to get even more daring than an accent wall?  How about color blocking?  Color blocking is just that - blocks of solid color.  Mixing of various hues together.  Some experts will tell you to use complimentary colors on the color wheel.  Others will tell you to use contrasting colors.  I say forget the rules - use whatever colors you like. 

Can't decide on a color scheme?  Then block your favorite colors as art, no need to worry if they match.  There is really no such thing as colors that don't go together.  My personal preference is vibrant blocks of colors with large backgrounds of white.  By keeping pattern to a minimum, you can use a lot of different colors and still keep the look simple.  Color blocking works well in art, design and fashion.  Here are some examples:

Not sure how to update your buffet or entertainment center?  How about adding panels of color blocks.  To see my recent color blocking project, click here.  Image via Apartment Therapy.

Color blocks work very well in art.  I love painting canvases and then just living with a color for a while.  It's a great solution if you are in a rental and not allowed to paint, or not sure which colors make you the happiest.  Plus they can be switched on a whim.  Much easier than painting a whole wall.  Beautiful colors.  Image via ah-yi.

Here's a twist on the theme.  Imperfect blocks.  I've seen people use this technique when they are trying to decide what color to paint a room, but why not make it art?  Love the acrylic tables and the white floors.  Image via Graham and Green.

One of my favorite rooms.  I've shown this room before, I simply adore it.  A very fine use of color blocking.  Love the pink wall with the yellow border.  Image source unknown, my bad.  I think it's from Elle Decoration UK Edition.

Here's a another twist.  A block of yellow pops in an otherwise all white hall way.  In the living room, a sage block works well with the lavender coffee table and yellow pillow.  Notice pattern is kept to a minimum.  Images via Design Sponge.  I really love that coffee table.
Here it is in hot pink!  Available at Habitat.  I want it!  Did you ever notice the fab furniture in Europe and the UK?

This bedroom looks great with these color blocks.  I think the squares are a great foil to the circles on the bedding.  Terrys Fabrics.

I showed this room below, but I adore it.  Great use of color blocking.  Love the asymmetrical block by the window.  Solid Frog.
Of course Tricia Guild would be a master of color blocking.  She's a master of color.  Orange, yellow and sky blue chair.  Orange sofa and purple curtains.  It works because the walls and floor are neutral and pattern is kept to a minimum.  The room is colorful, but still fresh and simple.  Image via her book Think Pink.
Here is a use of color blocking I may use in my next apartment.  I love the idea of framing a piece of art - in this case a starburst - in color.  I also adore a block of color behind shelves, and I love that the block is wrapped around a corner.  This is a great way to pull off a minimal room and still have a little coziness, the blocks of color become the art.  Image via Turquoise.

Color blocking works great in the kitchen.  Do your kitchen cabinets need a face lift?  How about blocks of color?  Images via Elle Decoration, UK Edition (April 2009 and April 2010).

If that shed in your backyard needs a little lift, color blocking may be the solution.  I love the juxtaposition of the bright colors with the industrial looking materials.  Jennifer Causey via Design Love Fest.

A block of color looks great behind a mantel.  Love the gray and the yellow coffee table.  Yellow and gray is one of my favorite color schemes.  Pops of purple and black complete the look.  House to Home.
Are you a lover of neutrals?  Not to worry - you can still block colors on your wall.  I love the idea of blocks of color above the sofa in lieu of a painting.  Image via Style at Home.

Of course, anything that can be done to a room can be worn as fashion (and vice versa).  I love this black and white dress.  Image via Squidoo.

Color blocking.  It's a not a new trend, but it is a fun one.  Color in your home and in fashion - it's addicting.  Images Only Fashion Bloggers and Gucci via Dress Lola.

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