Friday, June 10, 2011

Thrift Thursday!

Do you ever find yourself hoarding money?  I do.  When I get fearful.  I really haven't been spending money lately.  Luckily, I like to keep my place simple and clutter free.  But sometimes you have to spend a little to keep the flow going.  Such was my justification when I went to a couple of garage sales recently.  I've been doing a little Spring cleaning lately, so there was definitely room for a couple of new vases.  And I like to support the neighbors, so I think of it as tithing.  Oh gosh, there I go trying to justify treating myself.  We all deserve a treat now and then.  Here's some of my new loot.

 A couple of vintage toys.  I believe the pig is German.  The girl is from the Avon It's a Small World collection.  I think they are adorable.  As you know, that's my thing.  Toys.  And - oh yeah - vases.

I spotted this horribly neglected and very dusty canvas, and at first thought it was a painting.  Turns out it's fabric.  There is label on the back which says "Cherry Blossom designed by Sue Titcher."  My intent was to add paint to the fabric.  I've always wanted to do that, kind of build up a pattern on fabric by adding texture.  However, it looks like I have a buyer for the print.

Red candle holder and two matte green vases from the McCoy Floraline collection.  I may have a buyer for the two pieces of McCoy.

I don't smoke, but I love the atomic shape of vintage ashtrays.  This one is especially interesting as it has a place to store a pack of cigarettes.  I will probably keep a cute lighter in the compartment, I love candles and my lighter never seems to be handy.  It has an interesting mark on the bottom.  It doesn't appear to be the maker, but rather signed by the owner, which I find charming.  All this loot cost $20.00 and I will probably make a profit on the print and the two vases.  Not bad.  What about you dear readers?  Have you found anything interesting at your local garage sales?


Jessie said...

Those toys are so cute! I have some Vinylmations from Disney coming tomorrow! Can't wait to get them. :)

Peggy said...

I love the Vinylmations too! Can't wait to see yours.

I have two, both were gifts. One is white and one is pink. I like that they are sold colors and am thinking of ordering yellow and orange.


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