Friday, June 10, 2011

Pottery Jones

For today's episode of Pottery Jones, I have a selection of black and white pottery that is as diverse as it is beautiful.  Some Asian modern pieces, vintage German and even contemporary hand made.  Hope you enjoy!

Very beautiful plaster vase designed by Nobuhiro Sato available at Emmo Home.

 Ikebana vase from the 1970s formerly available at Etsy shop of Mascara Jones.

Another beautiful Ikebana vase.  This one is from the 1950s and was formerly available at Etsy shop of Austin Modern.

Totally fab studio ashtray from the 1960s.  I've never seen anything like this piece.  Of course, I would use it for purely decorative purposes.  Available at Etsy shop of Linea72.  This piece has been tempting me, but I'm not sure it would fit in my decor.

West German porcelain always makes me swoon.  Love the matte finish.  This Kaiser piece is from Etsy shop Kibster.
Another gorgeous piece of West German op art.   Etsy user GoGoBerlinette.

It is a skilled craftsman who made this wheel thrown bowl.  Love the delicate balance, love its simplicity.  A truly elegant piece.  As you know, admiring a fine piece of pottery is a tactile experience.  This bowl just begs to be touched.  Bowl was made by Etsy user LeiliDesign.  Well, what do you think dear readers, are you feeling tempted?

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Linda Starr said...

great inspiration, love the black with the orange


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