Saturday, June 4, 2011

Lamp Tramp

Thank goodness for knock-offs.  I know, I know ... I've heard all the arguments for buying authentic products from designers.  And I do want to support designers, I love design.  But... if it weren't for knock-offs I wouldn't have pretty things.  Some things are just not in my budget.  Like this.  My fantasy lamp.

Vintage Murano.  What a tease.  Image from Apartment Therapy.  You can see more vintage Murano at Swank Lighting.  But if you are a lamp addict, like I am, be warned.  The site is addicting and so expensive they don't even post their prices.   You can also see more of this gorgeous lamp at a previous post about Benjamin-Noriega Ortiz, here.

Here's another one that might do.  It's a beautiful blue glass.  For some reason, I like blue lamps.  It's the Paulette lamp from Anteriors Home.   Again, if you are a lamp addict, their catalog is heaven.  But must be expensive, because again no prices listed.  I'll have to wait for TJ Maxx to make a knock-off.

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