Saturday, June 18, 2011


Dear readers, I constantly fantasize about decorating a new place.  For some reason I'm never satisfied.  As you know, I've been living in old buildings for the last several years and I crave clean and modern.  Some days I dream of a peaceful monochromatic home in aqua and turquoise.  Other days it's all white with pops of hot pink.  Here are some of my favorites from around the web this week.  Hope you enjoy!
Ahh.  Very peaceful and clean.  Love the aqua.  Image via House to Home.
Beautiful painting.  Beautiful still life of vases on the dresser.  Image via Lonny.

 Love this glass collection.  Image via Shelter Pop.

Love the mid-century vibe of this wallpaper.  Love how it is surrounding the mantel.  Image via House to Home.
I really crave simplicity.  I adore this simple painting.  Image via Apartment Therapy.

Love these lamps.  Love them against the red wall.  I'd probably paint that cabinet white.  Image via House of Turquoise.
And speaking of red, white and blue - how fabulous is this roomroom!  The furniture and lamps pop off that white wall.  Love the monochrome of the white painting against the white wall.  Image via House to Home.  Can you tell that's my new favorite website?

I suppose this gorgeous bedroom doesn't really fit here, except that I love it!  Love the white headboard.  But even more than that, I adore the windows, and how the outside is part of the decor.  The pink panel is too fab.  I love the light it casts.  Would be amazing to watch how the light changes throughout the day.  Image via Desire to Inspire.

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