Wednesday, August 17, 2011

White Accessories

I'm a lover of simplicity.  In my youth I was an avid minimalist and everything was white.  Everything I owned could fit in my car.  I miss the freedom of those days.  Stuff can weigh you down.  Yet, a few well placed objects adds character to a room and makes it personal.  I'm a collector of beautiful glass vases and ceramic.  Collections can be a bit of an obsession, and it's important not to let your collection become work.  Collecting should be fun, and your collection should be something you love.  I always try to keep my collection pared down to my favorites, and I sell a few pieces when contemplating a new piece.  Clutter just won't do.  What to do if you love beautiful objects, yet crave simplicity?  It's all about balance.  One way to maintain simplicity is to collect objects with simple shapes, and to keep them all white.  Here are a few lovely white objects, for example.
Sake sets come in lovely shapes and are extremely collectible.  I have a rule in my collections.  Everything must be functional as well as beautiful.  I think that's why I love pottery and tea pots so much.  Image via deedee9:14.
 I adore this sake set by Masahiro Mori via deedee9:14.

 Beautiful ceramic serving tray by Ggallery.  I adore the shape of this.
Oval sushi dish by baileybowls.  You can see the pattern emerging.  When you keep your accessories all white, the variation in shapes is fascinating.
Beautiful sugar and creamer set designed by Hans Theo Baumann.  Available at  forEYESandHANDS.
 Hand thrown tea pot by clamlab.

I adore costume jewelry, and I love seeing it mixed in with a display of treasured objects.  These beautiful pieces would look great on a floating shelf next to white vases.  Available at Linea72.
White helps unify disparate objects as this beautiful vignette shows.  Image Bodie and Fau via The Style Files.  Love the cluster lights by Kathleen Hills.  And there you have it, a collection of white objects.  Virtual collections are the best.  They cost nothing, take up no room and you don't have to dust them.  My next post will feature some stylish display options.

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