Thursday, August 18, 2011

Vase Display and the Rule of Three

Collecting vases is a wonderfully tactile experience, they are meant to be touched.  Sometimes I think I should own a vase shop.  I adore arranging them, and I can contemplate their shapes endlessly.  I prefer simple shapes and solid colors.  When I am arranging vases, I have found that an odd number of pieces looks more interesting to me.  I also tend to prefer asymmetry to symmetry.  I discovered the rule of three when I first started collecting, and it works for me.  Here's a little guide to arranging your vases on a shelf or table. I seem to be collecting more glass than ceramics these days.  Don't feel scared to mix the two.  The only thing to remember is to find shapes or colors that seem to go together.  What goes together is simply what you love, trust your intuition.  Remember to have fun with it!
Using the rule of three, your vases are arranged in a triangle with either the tallest in the middle, or the shortest in the middle.  Lately, I am preferring the shortest in the middle.  I know this is a huge decorating faux pas - but I use silk flowers from the craft store.  They are much more beautiful than they used to be.  It makes me too sad when flowers die.  I prefer a single, simple stem.

Here's is a variation on the shortest in the middle scheme, when you are going for asymmetry.  I like placing the short vase in front of the tall vase.
Another variation.  I saw these beautiful vases at Target the other day.  Whenever I see vases in a shop, I just can't help but arrange them.  I'm sure the workers think I am crazy.   In this scheme the tallest vase - which is also the odd color - is in the front.  Now we are ready to move on to the rule of five, but that's a post for another day.  I love seeing how people display their vases.  Send me a picture, and I may feature you here.  xxoo

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