Monday, August 22, 2011

Art of Artisans

Funny how the cosmos works.  Just when I was bemoaning the lack of local artisans, Wall Eye Gallery presents an exhibit called The Art of Artisans.  Saturday I went to check it out.  The show featured  regional artisans and craftsman.  According to Wall Eye's website, the event was created to promote excellence in design and craft as well as to fuel the public’s appreciation and interest in art and fine workmanship.  The show was amazing.  Here's a few photos I took.  Right in line with the organic and upcycled art I've been writing about lately.

Credenza by Michael McMillin.  I've been obsessing about a credenza.  I think I need one of these for my pottery collection.  Love those hair pin legs.

Not sure who made this fab light.  But I'll find out and I will update when I do.

One of my favorites was the Mouse Desk by Jason Radcliffe of Forty Four Steel.  Its perfect geometric proportions are reminiscent of one of my favorites - the Parsons Table.  The Mouse Desk is functional as well as beautiful.  The entire front of the desk pulls out to become a large drawer.  Perfect for those of us who abhor clutter.  You can hide your notebooks, pens, bills and a whole lot of post it notes in there.  I think I need one of these for my office.
Robert Knauer.

This is only a preview.  There's lots more at Wall Eye.  The show is by appointment until September 4.  I highly recommend it.  You'll never want to purchase mass produced furniture again.  Sadly, this is Wall Eye's second to last show.  Their next show - entitled Playing House (September 23 - October 14) - will be their last.  I'm really going to miss them.

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