Thursday, September 1, 2011

OTT Girly Decor

Dear readers, I've been loving all white rooms, and have been seeing a lot of romantic neutrals that are intriguing me.  I had an all white post prepared, but you know how it is.  Stress sometimes takes us in a different direction.  It's been a very stressful week, so let's have some more clean, girly fun shall we?  We'll save the all white rooms for tomorrow.   Here's some over the top decor from my inspiration file.  Many are ideas I'd like to use in a studio apartment, and of course, feature pink.

Here's a great idea if you live in a studio apartment.  Make the bed a feature.  Love the curtains and pillows.  So romantic.

I am loving anything over sized these days.  Love the over sized pink chairs, love the Debbie Harry (one of my idols) art.

 Alex Fulton's Flirtatious Use of Crazy Color via Apartment Therapy

Just when I thought I didn't like red!  Love the color of this wall, love the painting.

Is it possible to be in love with a refrigerator?  Yes it is!  I've already professed my love for the Smeg fridge (see previous post here).  It's especially fab in pink!  And dig that hot pink floor.  Yum.

I love this 70s molded fiberglass set.  So gorgeous, can be used inside or outside.  I could see these in a modern loft.

I love big wall decals!  This seating area is so cute with the round sofa, pink pillows and white floors.

You already know I love me some Karim, he's one of my favorite designers.  I need to do an updated post on him.  He's amazingly prolific and he loves pink.  I really dig that pink sofa.  I love how his furniture doesn't reflect any specific time period.

Have you noticed that the best lamps are sold in the UK?  I need this spindle lamp from Habitat.  Here's some cute pillows I saw at Target the other day.  Love the sculptural details.  Love the cool gray combined with the hot pink, but I didn't buy them.  I have enough pillows - if that's possible.

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Carl said...

I can't say enough about white. I love the way light plays in a room painted Ben Moore's Super White. Great images all ! ~best


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