Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Some more romantic neutrals, and a whole lot of inspiration

I'm not sure why, but I have a ton of new photos in my inspiration file.  Maybe it's because I might be moving again.  Maybe it's because we will soon have a change of seasons.  Maybe it's because Fall is my favorite time of year, and that triggers the nesting instinct.  Here's a bunch of inspiration and a lot of ideas I'd like to try, hope you enjoy!

 Above two images Solange van Dorssen via Desire to Inspire

I'm all about edgy femininity.  I love a combination of the glam and the raw.  I've always wanted to experiment with a corrugated steel wall.  Love it here combined with the white slip covers, the gray pillows, the lamps and art.  The perfect pop is provided by the hot pink pillows.  Every room needs a pop of hot pink.

I adore industrial looking, purely functional bookshelves!  A bookshelf should not compete with the items it displays.  These look great in this room, they take up very little visual weight.  I adore the juxtaposition of the slip covers with the bookshelves.  Keeps the fabric from looking too frilly and gives just the right amount of edge.

 Above two images via La maison d'Anna G.

This kitchen is in the same home, and is close to being my fantasy.  I adore the subway tiles and the open shelving.  The simplicity of the dishes is the perfect foil to the edgy art.

This room is a tad overdone for me.  There's too much on the walls, and I don't care for the pattern of the drapes.  But.  Look.  At.  That Sofa!  I love it!  You already know I love me some silver.  This sofa has me up at night fantasizing about it.  It reminds me of car seats, and I can almost hear Feel Like Making Love by Bad Company.  Seriously, this thing is bringing back memories of my first kiss.

Abigail Ahern is a genius.  She always challenges my perspective, and I like that.  I like minimalism.  She's a lover of maximalism.  I like light rooms, she likes dark rooms.  In fact, it's her influence that started me loving black accent walls.  And, as you know, she's the one who got me obsessing about an over scale lamp shade.  Here she again challenges my perspective.  I'm not usually a fan of the Chesterfield sofa, but I must admit it looks great in this room.  Love it paired with the Moroccan-inspired tapestry, lamp and rug.  Dig that rug!  Lately I've been seeing a lot of rugs that appear to be made from Moroccan wedding blankets.  Divine.  Lastly, dig that tall, skinny chair.  I think it's a great foil to the sort of short, stubby looking sofa.  (BTW - Abigail's home was featured on The Selby (link)!  You go, girl!)

One thing leads to another.  Now I'm obsessing about this chair that I saw at my favorite vintage store.  It came in a set of six, but I just want one.  I love intentional distortions of scale, and I think it would look great with my low scale sofa.  Image by Peggy.

Here's an idea I'd like to use if I move into a studio or open loft.  I'd  love to use a screen/headboard like this to separate the space.  Maybe I wallpaper cardboard panels.

Sandra's Luxurious Modern in Brentwood via Apartment Therapy

Love this little seating area.  Steely blues, gray and silver, yum.  Love the Moroccan inspired tables.

This room is a little overdone for me.  As you know I'm normally not a wallpaper fan, and the mixing of the wall paper patterns is too much for me.  Especially with the tufted chair.  But.  There is something alluring about the room nonetheless.  There's a bit of edge provided by that groovy steel lamp and table to the right.  And look at that chandelier.  So romantic.

Again, this is a little overdone for me.  I don't care for groupings of photos.  The photos are pretty, but I would've preferred to see one over sized piece.  Go big with art!  It makes such an impact.  But.  Look at that color scheme.  Absolutely gorgeous.

I just can't get over gray and white interiors.  So peaceful and calming.  What do you think, dear readers?  Do you see any ideas you'd like to use in your home?  Have any of these rooms challenged your perspective?

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