Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Processing - Weekend Art Projects, Part I

I love minimal paintings.  They are much harder to execute than they look.  Simple is not always easy.  Simplicity demands perfection.  One line out of place and it's ruined.  I often see a simple shape and a color in my head, and I'm not happy until I can get it on canvas.  But this day I was working with paper.  With paper, it's a little different.  There is a communication with a canvas, where I become merely its conduit.  Paper also tells me what it wants to be, but in a different and more subtle way.  It must be caressed more gently, and is less forgiving of the mistakes.

Balance, 2011, 16" x 20", marker on paper.  Not perfect.  But I am digging it.  I could design a minimal room around this baby.  This baby needed a partner.  And here she is.

Balance II, 2011, 16" x 20", acrylic on paper.  I wanted to do an organic stripe.  I taped off the areas for the stripes, but honestly, I was not as caught up in perfection as usual.  I wasn't terribly concerned that the stripes be perfectly straight.  A real departure.  I messed up the side of the work when I tore the tape off.  Or did I?  At first I was disappointed.  But after sitting with the work for a while, I kinda like that bit of rawness.  I just took it as a meant to be.  Like I said, I'm just the conduit.

I was highly influenced by the tye dye rug from CB2.  I am madly, deeply in love with this rug.  But, it's not to be my darling.  Cest la vie.  I wanted to communicate something this organic in my art. 

I'm not sure whether I accomplished that, but I am digging these.  That doesn't happen too often.  Here are the two works in my hallway.  I might put them in my Etsy shop.

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