Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Processing - Weekend Art Projects, Part II

When I was writing about the Tokidoki Barbie that's coming out next month (see post below), I discovered a whole new world of Barbie furniture.  There's a lot of collectors making amazing homes, with beautiful rooms for Barbie.  In fact, at times on flickr I thought I was looking at a real room.  And I've definitely seen some homes for Barbie that make be drool.  I began to think about decorating a home for a Barbie.  My Barbie would have a large, all white loft.  She'd need a vase collection and a fab way to display it.  Maybe even open shelving to help divide the space, but keep it airy.

Barbie's Wall of Vases, 2011, 16" x 20" cut paper and markers.  I cut out little vases all based on vases in my collection and arranged them on a simple bookcase.  The best part is that they are taped, not glued, and can be moved around at Barbie's whim.

If you're interested in Barbie furniture, here's a fun group on flickr (link), and here's a cute Etsy shop (link).


Nadine said...

I've just started to decorate the girls Barbie/ Bratz house so I am definitely going to click on the links. It is waaaaaaaaaaaayyy too much fun. I just wallpapered one of the rooms in a Broadhurst Japanese paper. Looks so good. lol! :)

Peggy said...

Hi EleCat - wallpaper sounds cool. I'd love to see a photo.


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