Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mostly White, All Romantic Rooms

I've always loved the look of all white rooms, and you already know that I obsess about an all white loft.  With all white floors.  White rooms are often criticized as being too sterile.  I still swoon when I see a minimal all white room.  But if that's not for you, don't be afraid.  If you love the look of all white room, but still want it to be cozy and romantic, how about a mostly white room?  Here are some tips to turn on the romance in  your white room.  Add silver.  Or add steely, silvery blue.  Add organic touches like concrete and wood, and lots of texture.  Add gray or a pop of pale lavender and a Moroccan accessory.  Here's some inspiration.

Love the pale wood table.

I love the gray sofa and am madly in love with the simple shape of that coffee table.

 Above four images via Natasja Molenaar

Love the white pouf and the Moroccan tray!

Beautiful day bed.  Silvery pillows.  Pure romance.

Love the tufted headboard and how the tufting carries to the bed frame.  Love the rug.  Wonder if I could make a rug like that out of cut felt.  I get a lot of ideas, but I'm not a very good DIYer.

Love the pale lilac of the bed head and foot board.

 Above two images via Decodir

Love large artworks looks fabulous in an all white place!


Such a beautiful, serene room.  Love the wood table, love the white poufs.  Love the rug, looks like it might be a Moroccan wedding blanket.  What do you think, dear readers?  Are you a convert?  Could you do a mostly white room?

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