Thursday, September 8, 2011

Black and White Photography

I love black and white photography.  Black and white photography has remained popular even with the growing popularity of digital photography.  There is something special and arty about it. Black and white makes everything a little bit mysterious.  The mundane becomes art in black and white.  A little edge and grit are part of a black and white photo.  And let's not forget about romance.  Black and white makes even the mundane look romantic.  Whether it's avant garde, fashion photography, nature or interiors, black and white brings a whole new dimension to the work.  Here are a few wonderful black and white photos from around the web, with a few of my own photos mixed in.  Any of these would look great enlarged and hung in an all white loft.  Hope you enjoy!

Lenny Kravitz by @candyTman

 Image by Peggy

Image by Peggy

To see more of my black and white photography, click here.

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