Friday, September 16, 2011

Purple and Lilac

Dear readers, as you know I obsess about color all the time.  Today I'm thinking about purple.  I especially love pale lilac.
Did you see Maybelline's poster for Fashion Week?  Isn't it gorgeous?  Love the purple eyeshadow and pink lips on the otherwise black and white photo.  I could see a room done in this color scheme.  Gray walls, purple sofa, pink pillows...yum.

This purple comforter looks great with the pink bedding.

Love the bedding, the pillows and lamp.
 Above three images Julia Hoersch

Pretty lilac walls.  Love the pop from the yellow lamp.  

The always fabulous Doe Deere.  I love her dress and her socks.  If a color pleases you when you wear it, it will make a great color scheme for a room.

Mint green is one of my favorite colors lately.  Love the chartreuse coffee table, the lilac walls and the blue lamps.  Not a color scheme I'd have thought of - until now.  Looks totally fab.

Beautiful room.  Love these mint green chairs paired with the painting.


belledame said...

just opened the new elle and saw a maybelline ad with the same model/makeup from a side angle. i used to be mad for cosmetics ads. used to watch soap operas in college to catch them. there was that short-lived haircare line: vibrance. loved their commercials and jingle...

"make it strong/on the inside
so it shines/on the outside

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

All day long I was fantasizing about what I'm going to do someday in Kelly's new bedroom. Now I am rethinking my plans. So much inspiration!

Peggy said...

Hi belledame, I love fashion ads and illustration! I always want to blow them up. Or maybe even make wallpaper out of them. Did you see when the Novogratzes collaged a wall with them? Fab!

Hi Debi! I would loooove to decorate a teenage girl's bedroom. I'd probably go crazy with color, but add a little sophistication too. Hmm. Maybe I should do a post about that.

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

Yes, post about that.

I just saw that Novogratzes show. The one where they decorated the models' apartment?


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