Wednesday, May 19, 2010

my three favorite decorating styles

Dear readers, as you know whenever I think of decorating a space, I always think of pink. It's my favorite color so it always starts there. Then I consider my three favorite decorating styles: Shop Chic, Shabby Minimal and Edgy Femininity. These are terms I coined myself. Each of these styles are modern, casual and have Bohemian influences. And the best part is they can be done on a budget!
Shop Chic
This is a look with mannequins, mirrors, maybe costume jewelry strewn about. It looks like projects are always going on. Definitely an artist's look, you can see artists brainstorming here. It has an intentionally undecorated look. A good look for a live/work space. Image via The Vintage Laundress.

Shabby Minimal
My other favorite style evolved from my college days, when we took things off the curb and painted them. We were doing Shabby Chic, long before Rachel Ashwell coined the phrase. Shabby Minimal is an intentionally nonchalant approach to decorating, you don't have to worry about putting your feet on the sofa or spilling your drink. Some elements are empty frames, propped paintings, unexpected materials used for rugs, no attempt at hiding cords. To see a couple of cute rooms done in this style click here.

Edgy Femininity
My current favorite. The rooms are very feminine, but not sweet. They have an edge, maybe a couple of dark influences for mystery or romance. Pink is very prominent, especially hot pink. As you know, pink is not just a girly color, it can be used in a modern way.

Some other elements that work well with this style are pops of black, acrylic accents and white floors. I adore white floors! Image featured previously, here.
Love these pink walls with the white sofa. Love the ghost chair. Featured previously, here.

Other prominent features of Edgy Femininity are the use of enlarged fashion illustration, and black accent walls. Image featured previously, here. Stay tuned for an upcoming post featuring a mood board done in this style. To learn more about my rules for decorating, click here. I am available for the following consulting services: color consultations, decorating on a budget, finding your unique style, finding art for your space as well as organizational tips. If you'd like my help, drop me an email. I'd love to hear from you! xxoo


Gwen Kozlowski said...

Love the edgy femininity! If I were a single gal (or if our house were big enough for me to have a girl-cave) I would SO do a room like this.

Peggy said...

Hi Gwen! Thanks so much for visiting. A girl-cave would be so cool. Call me if you ever need help decorating one. :)


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