Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Large Paintings

Dear readers, you know how it happens. You get a shape in your head. It won't go away. Then you see colors swirl all about. Everywhere you look is color and movement. The desire to put brush to canvas is almost unbearable. I paint because I must. When paintings are brewing in my head, I like to look at paintings by others that inspire me. Kind of like the writer, who reads everything. I love the look of a large painting anchoring a place. Groupings tend to look cluttered to me. Here are some large paintings that I adore. Hope you enjoy!
Not sure if this is a painting or an enlarged photo. Just sure that I dig it. Love the ceramic dishes displayed on the table. Check out this loft. It's sublime. Lesley's Art Filled Abode via Apartment Therapy.

Love this. I adore ghostly looking works. Very romantic. Brian Park Photography.

Beautiful sleeping area. Very mysterious and spiritual. Image source unknown. Please contact me if you know this artist.

I want these paintings by the artist Line Juhl Hansen. If you are a lover of abstract paintings, you must check out her delightful blog. I love her blog so much I am adding it to my link list.

Claudia Uribe Touri.

I adore paintings propped in seating areas. Love the soft colors of this one. Flickr user ATLITW.

Sarah & Sebastian's Playful Renovation via Apartment Therapy. This South African home is stunning. It's simple and organic. Comfy and modern, with just the right amount of whimsy. Check it out.I adore Aboriginal art. Image via Desire to Inspire.
Elle Decor.

I adore the painting over the dresser. I would love to ruthlessly edit this room. The only thing I would leave on the dresser is the lamp, and I would move it to the left. Too many objects are competing with this wonderful painting, it should be allowed to shine. I would eliminate the grouping to the left completely. Image via Apartment Therapy.

Dig that painting. Dig that wall color. Dig that chandelier. Garret's Repurposed Furnishings via Apartment Therapy.

Elle Decor (I think).

Brian's Light and Bright via Apartment Therapy.

I believe I got this image from Flickr. I love this painting coupled with the dark walls. I'd like to edit the grouping. I would leave the lamp and probably two or three of the glass pieces, but that's it.

I think this might be a decal, but I love it! Again I apologize for not knowing the artist. I need to be more careful about that in the future. I love to give proper credit. Some photos have been credited with the designer or photographer of the room since that's where I got the image. Please send me an email if you know any of the artists. Thanks! xxoo

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