Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Chicago - The Opening

Dear readers, I had my first (non-college) opening last week. It was in Chicago's Art District.
At the 23rd Atmosphere Group's new gallery.

I am grateful to Robert Furman, who organized the show. Pictured is one of Bob's fascinating found art installations.
Meeting Mel Smothers was definitely the highlight of the evening. He's charming, warm, witty and a great artist. I adored talking to him and could have talked to him all night long! His art is incredible. He's been painting since he was four years old! Painting is a life mission for him. Groovy!

Pindar Van Arman's primary tool is a painting robot named Dahupi. There was a video set up explaining his method. Fascinating. Check it out.

The gallery owners were a little frazzled. This was their first show in their new space, they were running late due to technical difficulties, so all of my art wasn't framed and hung. It didn't matter to me, though, I still found it groovy to be able to say I was at an opening in CHICAGO! I've always wanted to go to Chicago.
I was so nervous, and very shy when it came to speaking about my art. Imagine that. Usually, I have the gift of gab. This was something all together different than blogging. I was speaking about my art in person. Oh well, live and learn. I learned a lot and will do better next time. It was still a lot of fun!

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