Thursday, May 6, 2010

Chicago - Millennium Park

My favorite part of any city is its public art. Chicago definitely did not disappoint. Millennium Park is proof of the validity of public art programs. This is art at its best. Art that is experienced as a community. Art that is interactive. Art that uplifts. That is the genius of Millennium Park. The best part of the art is the smiles on all the faces.

The Crown Fountain by Jaume Plensa is a marvel. It is made of glass blocks which project random faces inspired by the people of Chicago. Children squeal with delight when a face closes its eyes and water squirts from its mouth. It is endlessly entertaining to watch.

This smart young lady wore her raincoat. Below are sculptures from the show entitled "A Conversation with Chicago: Contemporary Sculpture from China," curated by Boeing Galleries.

This fascinating sculpture encompasses organic as well as satiric elements. It is entitled "Valiant Struggle No. 11, 2006" by the artist Chen Wenling. The stainless steel sculpture behind it is entitled "Jia Shan Shi No. 46, 2001" by the artist Zhan Wang.

"Windy City Dinosaur, 2009" by the artist Sui Jianguo.
All images by Peggy.

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