Sunday, May 30, 2010

weekend shopping

Friday afternoon I spent some time thrifting. It would be so great to be an interior designer, I know many places where I would buy unique things. I saw many cool things, here's a small sample:
Love these chairs, the large painting and the lamp. Perfect orange pops for an all white home.
Oooh, be still my heart. Perfect white West German porcelain vase. May go back for that one. Can't you hear it calling my name? Unusual blue bowl. I thought it might be Italian, but it's very light weight. Definitely has a mod look to it. Turquoise ashtray. Not sure why I dig vintage ashtrays, I don't even smoke.
Vintage glove molds. Way cool. If I had one of these, I'd hang vintage rosaries and prayer beads from it.

I like these plastic animals too. They were spotted in an antique store, but not sure what era they date to. Wouldn't these be cute in a kid's room, or as a pop art piece in an industrial loft?

And speaking of pop art, if you need some Zen for your home City Buddha has a ton! Love these Buddha prints! I think I need one. Virtual collections are the best. They cost no money, take up no room and you don't have to dust them. For more cool things I saw, click here. Hope you are having a great weekend dear readers! xxoo

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