Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mood Board Antonio

You already know how much I adore the designs of Antonio Ballatore (see below). I am always decorating imaginary places in my head. As I shopped last week, I began to think about a loft and how fun it would be to decorate it with Antonio's help. Let's pretend I have a new, large loft and that money is no object. We'll call this episode of Creative Influences, "Mood Board Antonio."

The Style
My style is feminine, but edgy. Industrial, clean and simple, but cozy and with just the right amount of whimsy. Kinda modern Bohemian, Asian and retro, There are beautiful things, displayed with a flourish, but no clutter. It should still flirt with minimalism and be light and airy. A tall order. But I know Antonio can unify these disparate demands.

The Color Scheme
As you know, any color scheme I contemplate always starts with pink. Pink is not just a girly color, and can be done in a thoroughly modern way. Also, with any color scheme there must be large amounts of white.
Added to this are my two new favorites, turquoise and gray. There would also be pops of hot pink, my absolute favorite.
I would take Antonio to my favorite vintage store, Flower Child. I always get inspiration there. I know he'd love it.

Dig this acrylic table at Flower Child. I love acrylic, and definitely want an acrylic coffee table. I also love these stacking side tables. Of course, they'd have to be spray painted hot pink.

I've featured this room in a previous post. I adore the black acrylic table. I wonder if there is a treatment that could be applied to the above table to make it black. And, as you know, my floors would have to be painted white.

I adore textiles. I'd get coziness by having lots of pillows casually thrown about. Flower Child has an abundance of gorgeous pillows.

The Living Room

Ever since I saw Antonio do a mural in a Zen living room, I can't get the notion of a mural out of my head. I think my Kupur watercolor would make a great mural, but I've toned down the colors to make it gray. I am still terribly in love with my danish sofa, but I'd love to see it recovered in the perfect pink. For my flat screen TV and for storage, I adore this Coach House dresser in glossy white. Remember the table I'd like to paint? I've decided to do it in high gloss white. For extra seating, I'd like ottomans and vanity stools like these.

These chairs are the perfect color. This is the color I'd like my sofa to be. Image from Harvest Moon, I think. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

The Lighting
I'd need some funky lighting. I think my favorite lamp of all time is Abigail Ahern's white lamp. I totally dig the oversize yellow shade. A pop of yellow would work well in the space. I also really dig the lamp Kim of Desire to Inspire has in her bedroom, and have been on the look out for the perfect Kwan Yin statute to make into a lamp. I love the lamp Antonio made out of an Asian statute in the Zen living room I spoke of earlier.

Here's another possibility. I've always wanted to make lamps out of vases. I think this one would look great with this shade at - you guessed it - Flower Child. The shade has thin strips of fabric in a perfect metallic gray-blue and changes color in the light. I really want it.

The Walls I'd like to have the space completely open, with a few 3/4 walls to divide the space, painted in accent colors. Ever since I saw this wall in Tricia Guild's book, White Hot, I've been wanting a wall with recesses. I think recesses would be a great way to display my Buddha statues and my new Haeger panther.
On another wall, I'd like to have white floating shelves to display my spray painted pottery.

On yet another wall, perhaps a hallway, I'd like to display some of my edgy art. I am really enjoying the project I am working on entitled Pink City. I'm thinking of having these photos printed on canvas and adding paint to them.

The Dining Room For the dining room, I want a rustic table in a pale, unstained wood. I've had this one in my inspiration file forever. (Image Dwell magazine, May 2006) Juxtaposed with that will be a couple of ghost chairs and a couple of these fab chairs from Lavish. Black acrylic chandelier also from Lavish. I'd love to have Jessie's love print enlarged on the wall.

I still really love my little dining set made from various pieces I collected off the curb and painted. I'd use it in the breakfast nook, or on the patio.

The Bedroom
I believe a bedroom should be a place exclusively for love and rest. No TV, no computer, no work allowed. I love a minimal bedroom. I'd like a very simple bed, like the Stratus from CB2 with divine silver bedding. On the wall behind the bed, another mural. This time an enlargement of my vintage Hindu print. On the floor would be my favorite lamp of all time, the Noguchi Akari lamp.
In a separate post I will prepare mood boards for my office and studio. Two requirements are that they be industrial chic and extremely organized. I hope you enjoyed Mood Board Antonio. Stay tuned, in my next post I have a treat for you, dear readers! xxoo
Image of Antonio from his Facebook page.


Unknown said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE, especially the dining room, I am dying over the unfinished wood table and the pink and white chairs with it. Such a great juxtaposition!! If you ever decide to really do one of those murals, I do that so let me know and we could make it happen!


Juxtaposition Design said...

What great finds! I cannot believe you made that perfect little dining room set from curb finds!


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