Tuesday, June 22, 2010

If I had a million dollars...

If money were no object I'd buy gifts for my sister-in-law constantly. Everywhere I go, I see things I want to show her. You already know that I am always decorating imaginary homes in my mind. But I also fantasize about decorating real homes too. For example, I am always rearranging and decorating SNL and Baby Bro's house in my mind. I've been wanting to add some Asian pieces to their formal seating area, and I'm very inspired by her photos from her trip to Japan (see post below.) The first thing I'd like to do is rasterize a couple photos of her trip and hang them.
Next, I'd love to buy her two of the totally funky Pagoda lamps from Tonic Home. She likes symmetry.

And a couple of Robert Kuo's amazing Peking vases. Technically, these are inspired by an ancient Chinese tradition, but they would look great in their room.

Here's something that won't the break the bank. Lovely pillow from Old Time Pottery. Only $6.99! Love how it incorporates the turquoise and salmon pink, two colors I think look great in their formal seating area.

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