Thursday, June 10, 2010

Home Tour - Joe Valenti

I have a treat for you dear readers! I've mentioned my favorite vintage store many times. Today, I'd like to reveal my secret. It's Flower Child, owned by the uber creative Joe Valenti. Joe very graciously invited me on a tour of his atomic ranch. I have to give props to interior photographers, it's not as easy as it looks. So while this is not a professional shoot, Joe's creativity shines through at every turn. This is a home which deserves a professional shoot for a magazine layout. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Upon entering the home I was greeted by one of my favorite colors! Yummy turquoise. Love the Warhol print.

The open style kitchen features a cute breakfast nook, also in turquoise. The breakfast nook sports a Nelson bubble lamp, and a whimsical painting Joe did as a student at the prestigious Cleveland Institute of Art. And check that Haeger vase on the window sill. A rare apple green. Love it.

There are cool things to catch the eye at every turn.

The kitchen is a marvel of organization. These beautiful blonde wood cabinets open to reveal tons of storage.

And pull out drawers to keep everything neat.

I love the cook top.

And appliances.

Joe's dining room is a stunning color, putty by Benjamin Moore. Love the large painting and the sputnik lamp.

Joe has a divine collection of art glass.

The living room.

His collection of ceramics comes mainly from garage sales. And dig those rare oversize Blenko pieces. Those are vintage pieces used in window display. Joe got his start in window display, and is very skilled at it.
There's beautiful art and pottery at every turn.

Here is the master bedroom. I love the painting, I believe it's by A. Scott Miller, but I will need to confirm that. The room is painted a beautiful shade of blue. Gorgeous apple green chair helps keep the decor cohesive.

Gorgeous tactile art work in the hall.
The second bedroom sports a light board made by Joe.

And beautiful gray bedding.

A blonde wood dresser with apple green glass pieces.

The basement features a lounge and bar. It's fun and whimsical. The perfect place for a party. Indeed, Joe has accommodated 100 guests comfortably in his home!

Groovy Moss lamp and photo of Eartha Kitt as Cat Woman.

Love the chair he found at a garage sale!

The TV room continues the color scheme of black and red, and blonde wood. Perfect round coffee table. The three pieces of atomic enamelware were a gift. (I tried to get him to give these to me - but I didn't push too hard because he would have! He's very generous.)
TV room also boasts amazing cabinetry which hides electronics and components.

The TV room has glass doors which spill to the outside.

The decor is continued to the outside of the home. This piece of recycled art is a fountain.

Joe was working on this upcycled piece as I was there. He glued the enamel bowls to the piece. Everything Joe touches turns to gold.
The vestibule was built by his father. Talent must run in the family. I adore the geometric patterns the sun makes on the patio.

The other side of the home also sports a vestibule. There are plenty of areas for guests to congregate.
A lovely seating area in the back yard. Joe had just gotten that sofa and chair from a thrift store. He has plans for it. I can't wait to see what he does with it. I'll make sure to show you the after shot.
I just had to peek at the projects going on in his garage. This is Joe's life. He eats and breathes this stuff. I love the little desk and stool, and can't wait to see what he does with it. If you liked this home tour, you'll want to stay tuned. I have a very exciting announcement in my next post.

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