Friday, May 28, 2010

a cute little table

The previous owner of my home had great taste and was very chic. She left behind some cute things, including this table that I am using as my bedside table (and also those fab curtains, see post below).

I'm thinking about painting it yellow. Whenever contemplating paint colors, I turn to my very large inspiration folder.

Love this little table. Image ATLITW.

The Parsons table in yellow! Love it. Love that chair as well. I adore a yellow pop in an otherwise all white room. Image West Elm.

These yellow floating shelves look great against the gray walls. If I paint my table yellow, I may need to do a gray accent wall. My next apartment will definitely have accent walls. Love the silver and yellow Buddhas.

A pop of yellow looks great against stainless steel.
Or maybe I should paint it white. Love this coffee table and sofa. This may be the best example of granny chic I have ever seen. What really makes this room work is those white floors. As you know, I love white floors.
I love this image from the Toast catalog. Love the turquoise blouse with the yellow beads. Love the silver pillows. Hmm. Maybe I should paint the table turquoise.

Remember Pink's turquoise table? I've been thinking about a turquoise table ever since.

I love this blue coffee table. Doesn't it look great with the red rug and yellow walls?
Look at that cute little dresser perched under that window. I am in love with painted furniture. What do you think, dear readers? Yellow or turquoise?
All images not credited from Apartment Therapy.

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