Saturday, May 29, 2010

color scheme: pale pink and blue

I can't stop looking at this room from House Beautiful, April 2010. Those colors are divine! I adore the soft pink with blue. Love the paintings by Leora Armstrong. The room and the painting make me think of rain. I'd love to do a room in these colors. I thought about this room as I spray painted my vases. For tips on spray painting, click here.

Here are a couple cheap pieces of ceramic I spray painted baby blue. Baby blue is my new favorite color! I love the look of the vases, I was able to get the matte finish I prefer.

Here are the blue vases with one of my new paintings. This painting is influenced by the beautiful room, as well as my love of gray. I will definitely do a gray accent wall in my next place.

Here's the vases I spray painted pink. I love them. I've been wanting modern pink vases, but have been having trouble finding them. These fit the bill nicely.

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